Peggy Peg Tie Downs


We recently tested the excellent Peggy Peg system of pegs and anchor points. There have been screw in pegs before, but Peggy Pegs really are a step up in quality. They are simple to use, they can be hammered in and screwed out and are very secure.   No more struggling to get pegs out of the ground, even in hardcore bases they easily screw out.

We particularly like the base plate to attach awning legs.  It consists of a plate that is firmly anchored by four or more of the pegs. There is a special slot designed to take your awning leg and secure it onto the plate.  This makes it easy to quickly put your awning away at night or if it gets a bit windy. With this system you will use your awning more, its very secure and knowing that you can put it away quickly without uprooting pegs and undoing straps means you are more likely to use it.

Peggy pegs are not cheap, but they are very well made and extremely durable.  I was impressed with this kit and will definitely be asking if i can keep the demo set I was loaned to do this test. Smile


Just lock your awning leg in place and quickly remove it if the wind gets up

There are two types of peg and they come in different sizes for different jobs. The hardcore pegs are particularly impressive

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