New Motorhome Registrations up 26%


New motorhome registrations up 26% for month of March

New figures released by the National Caravan Council show The motorhome market is still moving at pace with plenty of sales across the country. 1,953 lucky people took delivery of a new motorhome in March. That is the most sold in a single month since 2011, making it a 5 year high for sales. Caravans too are seeing a big rise in sales. As we know, the vast majority of vans just keep going so the used motorhome market is even busier.

The big rises last year look set to continue and this makes it more important than ever to book your favourite campsites well in advance, all these additional vans on the road means thousands of extra pitches will be required at peak times.  The increase in sales is good news for the club and camping but rarely do we here of new campsites opening.

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