Hymer to be Built in America


It seems likely that Hymer will be showing our American friends how to build a quality motorhome.Wink They have been researching the market over there and think the time is right for Americans to buy into the quality German brand. Rather than export the  motorhomes from Germany they intend to open up a factory in the US. The new US Hymer ‘RV’s’ would be built on the regular Fiat they use here. They are in talks with and may partner with a US manufacturer in a joint operation. So weight and chassis permitting are we going to see Hymers with slides?

This would make Hymer the first European motorhome manufacturer to produce motorhomes in the states.  Many Americans will need to be dragged kicking and screaming from their 40ft, full wall slides and 8 litre engines. However Hymer have identified a market for their marque and are convinced they will sell plenty.


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Jim is a long time motorhome enthusiast travelling extensively in the UK and Europe. Averaging 12000 motorhome miles a year. He has owned many motorhomes both British and Continental. His present motorhome is a 27ft C class RV.

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