Caravans might need MOT’s


It is proposed that caravans weighing over 750kg would have to go for the regular MOT style tests. This would mean that all but the very smallest would need the test. The two big caravan clubs are concerned that plans by the European Union to have MOT tests for caravans could damage the UK’s caravan industry.

I’m not so sure how implementing such a basic safety requirement could damage the industry. Yes it might mean it makes the hobby too expensive for some, so maybe the big clubs  are more worried about their bottom line (membership payments and campsite bookings) rather than general road safety.

Jacqueline Foster MEP, a spokesman for Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament, said: “I have spent many months objecting to the inclusion of caravans in this proposed regulation. I believe it to be pointless and it would contribute nothing to improve road safety.

If she believes that an MOT on the estimated 510,000 caravans that are dragged around the country most without a brake service between decades will add nothing to road safety then she is seriously deluded!



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Jim is a long time motorhome enthusiast travelling extensively in the UK and Europe. Averaging 12000 motorhome miles a year. He has owned many motorhomes both British and Continental. His present motorhome is a 27ft C class RV.


  1. I wholly agree with your stance. There is one other point as well, and that is the issue of people selling old death trap caravans to people who simply don’t have a clue how to check for safety issues.
    As a motorhome owner I am pleased that our entire vehicle gets a yearly MOT, not just the engine and cab. We know that everythinjg is in sound working order. Caravans deserve the same treatment to ensure that they are road worthy.

    MEPs and MPs generally don’t have a clue what they’re talking about on any issue so Jacqueline Foster MEP response is of no surprise at all!

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