AS Air suspension

A problem with many motorhomes is that most of the useable storage is behind the back axle, this makes for uneven weight distribution can make some motorhomes look like they are going to take off while sitting heavily on their back springs. This can be detrimental to the motorhome handling and make scary things like body roll and those wooshing/sucking situations when overtaken or overtaking large trucks much worse.

Motorhome suspension kit

Fitting airbags can reduce those problems and if you have the system fitted by AS-Air Suspension you can raise and lower the rear of your motorhome from the comfort of the driving seat.   An added bonus of being able to raise the motorhome rear end is when negotiating the entry and exit ramps of cross channel ferries. Fit the AS system and the horrible sound of your motorhome scraping and screeching up the ramp is a thing of the past.

Motorhome Suspension pressure monitors

My particular requirement was to raise the rear of the motorhome when I was towing. I had a warm welcome from Phil and Cath and they set to work.   A small compressor was fitted in a locker of my choosing and the clocks and switches that inflate the bags was placed in such a way for easy access and monitoring.

The fully fitted motorhome suspension bellows

I tend to run at around 1.7 bar when without a trailer and pump it up to 3bar when I hook up the trailer this keeps the rear end solid and level and the drive is much better.  I have also discovered that once on a pitch I can use the bags to raise or lower the rear level of the motorhome and because the bags are independent I can raise or lower one side of the motorhome. As a regular wild camper that feature has been well used.