The Motorhome Support and Social Network


Who we are

MotorhomeFun started in 2007. While those veteran members all had motorhomes in common, the club has always been about people rather than the motorhome they drive. Here at MotorhomeFun no one really cares whether you drive a plush motorhome that costs as much as a house, or a comfortable go-anywhere ambulance you converted yourself. 

When Jim and Siân Brown formed the club, they were determined it would not be another committee run, politics ridden, club. Our members organise rallies, help each other virtually online or in person, all without committees and chairpersons. We facilitate the members get on and have fun.

On a Fun rally field you’ll find motorhomes in all shapes and sizes, from big Americans and Germans through to the tiniest vans and caravans. Our members are weekenders, long-termers, part-timers, and we have plenty of full timers.

Our membership spans all ages, we have young van-lifers, mid-life professionals and lots of active and retired tourers.

What we do

We are dedicated to helping motorhome owners get the best from their motorhomes. By sharing knowledge, we make the motorhome lifestyle easier and more fun. The pooled knowledge of the members and the support network they provide each other is priceless. Whether that is saving money, educating others, sharing touring experiences, all this under the umbrella of ‘Fun’ and no stuffy club politics. If it’s not fun, we’re not interested. There are Big Savings too. We arrange a comprehensive range of exclusive discounts where you can save the cost of your membership many times over.


The Sense of Community is strong

You might be in a supermarket car park a mile from your home, or the busiest site in Europe with a sea of white vans everywhere, but when you see a Funster sticker on a van. You know you’ve found a friend and with ‘Fun’ in common and you’ll delight in meeting them.

Connecting People Since 2007