A Vote For Fun

It’s May the 7th, the country is off to the polls, A coincidence this morning had me looking at the committee nominations for a well known motorhome club. Little bio’s of those putting themselves forward for some ‘power’ telling the voter about themselves and their history with the club and urging members why they should vote for them.

We are often asked at shows about our ‘committees’ and or Organisational Structure’ a typical conversation might go like this.

“Who organises your rallies?”
“The members organise them themselves”
“Yes but who’s in charge?”
“well no one it just sort of happens”
“It can’t just happen, who makes it happen?”
“It really does just happen”
“So, who organised the entertainment in that big tent you were all in last night?
“No one, it just happened’ The people in the band weren’t booked or ‘arranged’ they just turned up and had fun.
‘I don’t buy that, someone must organise it and be in charge”
“No not really, everything is peer to peer, members organise everything but they are not told what to do. We facilitate in as much we get all the members in one place in cyberspace and they just get things done themselves”
“And how does it work without a committee making decisions?”
“It really does work. members have gone out and got club discounts, organised rallies to Morocco, Spain, Portugal and all over the UK, they help each other out, share information, make each other laugh, share their experiences and that’s just the start”
“Ok it sounds good, I think we might join but I still don’t believe you can run a club without a committee”
“You’ll soon see how it works!”

Would the fun Free For All way of going about things good for the country, probably not, but it certainly works here. Vote Fun

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