Put Parking On Another Level – The MA-VE levelling stystem

Auto Motorhome Levelling is a hot topic on our forums. Last yeah the UK’s MA-VE distributer Aphiam kindly offered a levelling system as a magazine price. When we saw that our local Towbar fitter, Lincoln Towbar & Mobility Centre fitter the system, we asked the owner Amy Tyson if she would write an article for the mag explaining this system. Here it is.

Far from promoting a breach in the regulations surrounding the pandemic that affects all of us, it is fair to state that there has seldom been a better time during which to own a motorhome. Ever since emerging nervously from the first ‘lockdown’ in 2020, the market for motorised domesticity has never been stronger. In the current climate, you can explore and manage your own environment in a safe, secure ‘bubble’. With overseas’ travel virtually off the cards, many consumers, from couples to families in all age brackets, have awoken to an ability to amortise and even achieve costs parity with conventional holidaymaking. Yes. There is an on-cost but the freedom and flexibility available are also key acquisition factors.

Yet, to the newcomer, after indulging in a handful of exploratory trips, the pursuit of customised practicality and perhaps even a few creature comforts will commence and investigating a raft of accessories, both at supplying dealer level and in the broader marketplace, can satisfy the desire. Naturally, obtaining the right quality for the right price is a crucial decision, ranging from useful gadgets to technical advancements. Among the more popular of accessories is an Hydraulic Self Levelling system.

While there are several makes and models available in the UK motorhome market, one company, MA-VE, has become a go-to manufacturer of hydraulic levelling. Like a single pushbutton, automatic spirit-level, rather than needing to compensate for a downhill shuffle to the on-board facilities, or keeping a spare hand to stop a nocturnal G&T from sliding inexorably off the table, even on a surprisingly unwelcome surface, a more stable and self-levelled service would resume. It is far better than trying to steady pots and pans on the stove, or getting a bad back from compensating against rolling out of bed.

The Italian company manufactures the entire system at its San Marino headquarters. Built to exacting high standards, the in-built hydraulic jacks are 5-times powder-coated for additional durability and to prevent corrosion. The electro-hydraulic motor, actuators and hoses are tucked away discreetly. Every element of the design blends the aesthetic with utmost practicality, including the weight-compensating foot-pads that prevent the corner jacks from sinking into uneven ground. A small control block, which can be installed on an interior panel, enables easy operation, which can be enhanced with a smartphone app for assured remote control.

Of course, an additional benefit exists for when the motorhome is parked and not on vacation duties. Each jack height can be set to personal preferences, not only for easier drainage of waste fluids but also to allow rainwater run-off. For safety purposes, the jacks can also relieve weight from the tyres, thus removing potential ‘flat-spots’ that arise, which will afflict ride comfort and noise suppression. Should a puncture occur, swapping wheels and tyres is a less knuckle-grazing exercise. An important safety feature includes an ignition switch interface that retracts the legs automatically, should the driver forget to do so. A ‘soft-close’ leg retraction option (£199.00 inc. VAT) adds a svelte finishing touch to the operation.

When the bottom-line desire is for comfort, convenience and ease of operation, self-levelling has an understandable fan base. Factor in the durability and safety aspects and an MA-VE Hydraulic Self-Levelling system becomes the ‘no-brainer’ option.

MA-VE have excellent coverage within the UK, with their fitting centre network. The quality of the MA-VE system is such that they confidently offer an unrivalled 3 year Fit and Forget warranty with every system fitted by an authorised MA-VE agent. They are so confident in their system they advertise should an issue occur, that a MA-VE engineer will attend within 24 hours, anywhere in the UK.

Finally should you change your motorhome, the MA-VE system is designed to be removed and re-installed on your new vehicle without difficulty.


MA-VE Automatic Hydraulic Levelling Kit comprises of:

The MA-VE level kit, and the fitting charge, totalling ( £3958 + VAT)

Pump & Pipework, Control Panel & ECU, Brackets and Legs are all included.

Fitted Price  £4750 inc VAT

For more information or to find your nearest fiting centre visit: www.ma-ve.co.uk

Amy Tyson
Lincoln Towbar & Mobility Centre