Kit you should have with you if your motorhome gets stuck in the mud

You are heading off to a little CL in the countryside in spring or autumn or maybe you’re going on a rally that is being held on grass,  such as on the Chester racecourse at Easter. There is always the chance that you might get stuck in the mud,  especially if you drive a front-wheel-drive Fiat,  which are notorious for getting stuck,  especially if they are carrying a lot of weight in the rear of the motorhome which removes traction, from the front drive wheels

Tow Rope

Don’t leave home without it,  there are lots of vehicles out there that are able to give you a tow but not many that will be carrying tow rope.  Your rope should be rated to a weight at least twice as heavy as your motorhome, three times even better. So for most vans, an 8-ton rope is OK as a minimum.


Sand Ladders

Lots of people make up a sand ladder from stolen bread crates,  these work well and are light and easy to store.  if you’re going to be in wet conditions a lot then consider the following track from Rhino.  These are purpose made heavy vehicles and are what I sit my 6 ½  ton motorhome on.

Bottle Jack

When you are stuck,  very often the bit of kit that will always get you out,  is a small bottle jack.  You lift up the wheel a tiny amount to get something underneath it for traction.  if you carry a Jack  it’s a good idea to carry us all block of wood to steady in on. A bottle  Jack will steal a few kilos of your payload but are  small enough to easily find a place to stow them