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Hi, is your van still for sale? I’ve joined this forum today to try and contact you. Would you let me know and if it is then we can chat.

A key for me is knowing the bed length and width accurately as i’m rather tall at 6’5” - even if it’s sold do you remember the bed dimensions? I just can’t find it on the internet and getting out is rather a challenge at the moment.

Alex, a couple of years back you were chasing a replacement aerial for your Burstner - any joy?
Elvis the fish
Elvis the fish
Bugger! I was hoping to avoid fitting a generic replacement but can’t trace an original anywhere. Any idea if this is a Fiat fit or something Burstner fitted during conversion?
I think it's Fiat. The original was a amplifier type so needed a power supply. You could check that out.
Elvis the fish
Elvis the fish
Thank you
hi mate, hoping you or anyone can tell me if the pergeot boxer compass advantgarde is ok for a beginner?
2020 Wirral Folk Festival has been cancelled but 2021s Festival will be held with 2020s lineup.
Hi my motorhome is Bailey autograph 75/2 2017 model this should not happen rusting back lights.?.
Hi painted mine with rustolem spray paint.good finishes.
We have a 2007 Chausson motorhome and 2 of the locker latches have now broken. Can anyone recommend where we can source replacements ?
We have a 2 of the locker latches have final given up. Can anyone recommend where we can source replacements ?007 Chausson motorhome and 2
Hope you are both well in these troubled time. I am not sure you read these messages. a yes would be nice.
Just joined to see what it is all about 65-year-old male, recently lost my job & my partner & I have decided to go our own separate ways so the house needs to be sold, when we return to the new normal. I would like to buy a small inexpensive place SOMEWHERE, as a base and also some sort of touring van to spend 2-3 months at a time touring/exploring, and meeting nice people.
Hi Mick, sorry to hear about your troubles. I live a few minutes away, if you need anything, give me a bell.

Terry Wakeley

07792 720 506
Eurotunnel news, they are in process of emailing everyone with regards to extending their frequent travellers accounts from when they expire to a further 12 months!?
Adventuring Together! In 2014 a health scare motivated us to leave our jobs and start touring Europe by foot, bike & motorhome. In 2017 we adopted a stray dog who surprised us by being pregnant. Six years full-time and counting! We love sharing back our stories; written several books and working on several others...
What's the bike? The image is too indistinct to be sure - but I'd guess a 1950s Matchless/AJS 350.
Primary-chain case too big for a Velo and my hunch is that it isn't a Beezer.
Currently in the uk
Hi all can someone shed any light on a company called caravan2009.Im interested in buyi g a camper from them but they want money up front without me seeing the camper.They say they will deliver to my door in ireland.Just feel a bit uneasy
Cheers for the reply, we love the layout as well that's why we bought it. Got a great deal from Newport caravans down your way so we travelled from Aberdeen to get it. I have spent over £5000 on upgrades.
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