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Not a motor home owner but have a touring caravan site in East Yorkshire.
I am wondering if anyone is driving to Southern Spain this week as I have an electric bike in a box which I need taking to my grandson who has flown there today for a weeks holiday?
Ah ha 🤗. Are you the guy who does YouTube tutorials on blind repairs, replacements etc etc etc, and you have a Hobby mh? If so, I think you’re ace, I have repaired and replaced where needed all of our remisflair blinds on our Hobby.
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Hi Gail, hope you enjoyed the videos. Don't forget to subscribe!

Hi Dave yes I have subscribed, couldn’t find the bell though that would alert me to new videos ☹
On our second MH now, the first one lasted 13 years but after a big repair bill in France and a fine for failing to observe a stop sign (we almost stopped, then the gendarmes popped out from behind a bush) we decided to have a break. Tempted to go back to a caravan but a month ago we found a nice Lunar with very low miles. Had a few days in the Yorkshire Dales but it’ll be back to France fairly soon
Hi Bart,

Can you possibly review very old post of July 2016 ref. engine bay water ingress as I have posted some queries for your comments which would be very much appreciated.
tiffy can you tag me in the thread, so I can find it again., as I'm unable to find it in my search.
To tag someone simply put an @ before their name , eg @ Bart
Without any space after the @
All I am looking to head down as far as Sorrento in September and am looking for advice the best route. I had thought of travelling down Toll Free through Liechtenstein and through Rome. Has anyone made this trip and have any tips.....?

Any advice would be really appriciated

Thank you in advance

Hi I Still have the Silver screen for sale I am told it fits 03. Let me know if you want it or need to know anything thanks Paul
fat haggis
fat haggis
Hi mate would you accept £50 pirated for it. I’ll pay you any way you want. Thanks
We say hi to all members as we have just joined your organization. Relatively new to motorhoming and brand new to joining online forums. We want to widen our horizons with regard to travel, and (cheap) places to stay. We welcome any information on a (preferably free) place to stay around Zaragoza and on past the San Sebastian route and the western French coastline up to Cherbourg. Thanks in advance for any help.
Ive just traded ny Carioca i 10 in for a Hymer tramp, the type with the big fixed in table, which converts to a bed, think i need some advice about this table
Hi love the look of your Mercedes Vito conversion from 2015! Where did you find it please. We live in France, sold our Hymer & looking for something just like that. Thanks, Roger
We have had a motorhome for many years now... a Benimar and 2 (soon to be 3) Hymers.... Is there a better way of life....?

Longer term we will be shipping ours out to Halifax in Canada and driving the Pan American Highway... when we hit Ushuaia in South America we will decide where to next.
Hi Peter, wondering whether you still have that kmph speedo? I'm not to far from TW.
Let me know.
Iam hoping you can help - your answer to a similiar question made me think that you may be able to - I have a TEC628 motorhome and I am trying to find the dump valve - it was in for repair over the winter and I think they drained it down - I am trying to fill now and it is just running out of the bottom the garage said I need to close the dump valve but I dont know where it is??!!!
Most dump valves are situated very close to the boiler. You may need to trace the outlet pipe, you will be looking for an inline tap with a lift up type handle on it, or you could be looking for a black dome with a blue Tee on top. If you have the black one, you will need to push a button in at the base of the flat side and turn the handle through 90 Degs. Hope this helps. If not more than happy to re-think
thank you I found it I think it - its a truma one which you pull the valve up - the water is no longer coming out the bottom but it isnt coming out of taps either!! I followed the instruction - opening taps on hot and it seem to be flowing freely then turned off when I turned back on no water - it gurgles but doesnt seem to be coming through.
As long as you can hear the pump running, give it time. Mine can take up to a min to pul through. Beacause of the tap open, you may well have a air block, but shoud clear. When water flows, give it time to continue.
bin yo brummies or wot
Only just spotted this. We're not far away in the Black Country - Sedgley.

roaming roger
looked at it last week thought it was BOSTIN will be going up to the midlands at the end of this month (25th wedding anniversary ) it,s usually funerals will be able to get a decent pork pie and some brisket :D
Hi, I have rejoined the forum as apparently advertising services is not allowed without contacting Admin first.
I have now contacted Admin to discuss advertising as a trader.
I am a seller on ebay *caravan*motorhome*technician* and may be able to give you some advice with your camera. See ebay item
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best wishes
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