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My wife and I are in our 60s and have come back to the UK after a period of travelling. We bought a Benimar Mileo 331 to initially self-isolate in and eventually start touring UK, Ireland and rest of Europe. Its our first motorhome and the name Penny is adopted from its previous owner.
Hi Phil

We are a family of three living full time in our van. We are currently waiting to hear if we have to leave the CL we are staying on North Burnley. Would be good to know about these quiet areas near Colne.

Sarah, Tom and Sunrise
Hi the bikes you have are very nostalgic to me but lack of space means it is a no go because we downsized some time ago.i do though have a easy lifter hydra trail i,m thinking of selling.but i live in Peterborough some distance away.
Hi Noni - my apologies for the delay in responding, it's been a bit manic recently. Thank you for considering the bikes, I have now managed to get a Hydratrail. Just before the Lockdown!! Regards Steve.
Hi David, saw your post about possibly helping out with somewhere to stay. I am new to this forum and don't think this is a PM (seems like more of a public post on your profile?) but I'd be grateful if you would be able to reply (maybe you could send me a PM and I'll be able to reply? :)) and let me know if you are still willing and able to help?
Thank you,
Hello Stuart, you are not able to Message me directly as you are not a paid up member this also means I can’t reply privately , it doesn't mean I can’t help, just need to find a way to communicate . My offer was open to members first though, we are like a little club looking out for each other . David
Hi Tony we bought our van in January 2016.So if you are a summer only user, you will probably use between .5 and 1 fills per annum. Did write a lot more but restricted to 420 characters
Hi again,
What I was trying to get round to, was that a contract, would be hardly worth it, due to annual consumption. Loads of motorway services do LPG. We paid £700 for our 2 x11 kG system with Bar B Q point
Yeah, know what you mean. As we have a supplier just a mile down the road I felt more comfortable knowing that I could fill up before a trip and then not have to worry about it even that meant the faff of setting up an account.
Hi Clyde - inadvertantly replied to your email and then read should do so here. Gosport in Hampshire. Needless to say am new at this game.
Went shopping in the car today after being told of empty shelves. Our Lidles was fine although out of bread by midday. It did somehow feel strange and other motorists were driving without the usual care. It is an odd time to live. Local News here said Cambridge forecast 250,000 deaths if Boris was not heeded. 200 if he was. A tad eccentric I hope.xx
Not been to Lidyl but local asda had lots of empty shelves. we are toying with the idea of going away to a quiet exposed site for a few days, just to get some air and a bit of walking in before we lock down. Waiting for the 'further measures' at the weekend before deciding. So much 'news' and not sure what to believ. take care both xx
Good idea, going for a walk.We are finding it difficult to convince our grandchildren about meeting together. Partner of one is a paramedic, the partner of another works as a welfare officer, travelling around a section of the community who may not be the most discriminating, Their mother works for Centre Parks as a supervisor but I think will be laid off this week.
The third grandson has a degree in accountancy but work at Tesco, staking shelves. They all meet people and I fear them bringing infections back to their mum who is asthmatic. Great combination.
I do not recall what my offence was or what the judge decreed but I think we are under House Arrest till next year.
Enjoy all! A & R XXX
Hiding away!
What a bleak short-term future we are facing.
Warners, I believe have offered money back or transfer to a later show. This is a difficult decision for we have no idea how long we are to remain in our domestic prison.
Take good care of yourselves and give each other the hugs we would love to enjoy with you both. Rosalie and Alan
We have come home today, from a lovely 4 night break at Southport, to the news that we will need to self isolate for 12 weeks. No Camperfest at Chester, no Peterborough, no meeting up with wonderful friends. Wonder if we will get away with walking to Asda, our daily excercise, it's not a store we usually use but we normaly walk past it to M&S for a coffee :giggle:
We will miss seeing the grandchildren too although we may be called to do some picking up from school. Helen is a nurse and Al is working away at the moment, fortunately in the UK but not sure when he will be home. Helen's parents are older than we are and her dad is under treatment for melanoma.
continued this is a pain only 420 characters.
Can only repeat what you have said, take good care of yourselves and give each other the hugs,and wine, we would love to enjoy with you both, Sue and John xx
Hi. I have received a alert that you are following me just saying as I thought you may have pressed a button in error
Many thanks Beacons keep safe.
Hope all is well with you. Have you been out in your MH. Had a very nice time in the USA with Ross and the boys. Off to Scotland in May to do the NC 500. Not sure you will read this message. Martin.
Hope you are both well. We are on lockdown. After having a letter from NHS, because off my medical history. Although we are both well.
Hi if your planning wild camping the see
Useful and pertinent.hope this helps.
Jon dewing
Hey Barclaybasher. Thanks for responding to my post about using veg oil for fuel. We're making a TV series fronted by Martin Lewis called Britain's Super Savers. Would you be up for having a chat over the phone? I'd like to hear a bit more about your veggie oil camper and tell you about the programme. My phone number is 0207 157 4643. Thanks! Owen
Am on board Bilbao to Portsmouth ferry at the mo.
Back home tomorrow pm, will call you then.
Look forward to speaking with you. I'm going to be in a meeting from 4pm - 5pm today but will be at the phone 5pm - 6pm
hello all my friend has taken over someone motorhome payments as the couldn’t afford there motorhome any more.i was wondering is there anyone looking for similar..? Thank you
Hello, Thanks for the interest in the electric bike. We tour around but do not visit many shows. Exactly where do you live?
We could go to email if you prefer. Juggler
Hi, this is my first time on a forum and today we are going to try wild camping for the first time in our Motorhome!! We are thinking of going to Ruby Bay, Elie from searches I have done - is this still allowed and are there any other recommended spots on the Fife coast?
Hi, when you say hardware stockist.. do you mean someone who does the specific van kits or did you fashion something out of normal lock setups from a locksmiths.

Kits I've seen online are 100-120ish for a pair for the front cab doors on a 2007 Ducato
Hey up Snorkel Daz where's the best chippy mate I've got a big order due 😂
Good to meet you and Pam last week we had a great laugh you're a really nice couple. Cheers for all the top tips as well including this forum 👍
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