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Hi there,

Please forgive the direct message but your post about Catterick Caravans came up in a google search. We are having very similar issues with them...

I hope you don't mind me asking but would you be able to let me know which solicitors you used for the case? It's always best to use a firm which knows who/what they are fighting, if possible...

Thanks in advance,

Hi. I'm very new to this forum and am interested in your weight calculator but for a reason I'm not sure about, I'm getting a message to say I have no permission to download it. Can you help me please? Thank you very much Jan
Stephane Bosman
Stephane Bosman
You're welcome. I gave up because of his condescending attitude. Also, I have a full time job (at it right now) and not enough time to debunk phony but lengthy reports. Thanks for having done it.
Hi Michael i'm now known as Blueskybobster on this group, the old account has been deleted

Hi Bob. I would say welcome but you’ve been here awhile so Hello.
I think he is doing a good job and that none of you have considered that he is being quite creative. I assume that he will fix battens to the roof also. The holes in the floor will then be ideally placed to let out the water from the leaking roof. Not so silly now is he?
Hope you are enjoying your Motorhome. Off to the USA to see Ross.later this month.
HI new to this forum and new to owning a Mhome. We have placed a toe in the water and purchased a 91 pilote 780 S as a starting point. Its in good nick for its age and ready to be enjoyed although the 0 to 40 takes a while :)
Any fellow owners happy to hear your advice especially on the lack of grunt and lets have your do's dont's and upgrade ideas as we will take them all in :)
I have changed my Motorhome the Cheyenne has gone to a new home and I now have an AutoSleeper Burford Duo. I bought again from Howards in Taunton but this newer one has all the bells and whistles, air con in the habitation area, self seeking satellite on board LPG tank, it’s beautiful
hi could you send me a PM with a contact number to have a chat about your Rapido please.


Hi Neil
Just taken a deposit on it but you can contact me on 07773648326 just in case it falls through.
Looking for some fun over the New Year. Went to Shrewsbury last year, very good time, left it late but would like to go again, or elsewhere if there is a recommendation.
Hello from a soggy Llanelli. I’m totally new to motor home life and only had the vehicle two months. So need loads of advice, especially during the winter months🙈
Motorhome storage. Please can anyone advise of a good storage site near Fleet in Hampshire? With space 😄
Hi Vin sorry to bother you do I need to keep updating our place for reserve list for misterton ?
Hi Shirley. No you don't need to do anything now as Shiela (runrig) will update the list to move people up the reserve list as people post they can't make it. There will be a lot between now and June 2020!
Ok thanks Vin
Hi JaM, we also collect our 2016 275 in a couple of weeks, need to order a tv, can you help with sizes, 21 or 24inch
Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have just purchased a Autosleeper symphony to see if we will like the experience, but the leisure battery is no duff. I am looking for a agm or a gel battery to fit under the drivers seat, can anyone recommend one as Iam having trouble finding one that is small enough to fit.
Regards Warlord
Hi Lizzie, nice to hear from you , are you living abroad full time these days ?
patricia the newbie
Hiya Pat, only part time in France 180days per year.. I have a static mobile home at le Repaire at Thiviers which is 20mins North of Périgueux in the nouvelle Aquitaine dept of the Dordogne.. So if your around that area n es xt year, drop in for a glass or two. X Roy
Thanks Geoff, I have no idea either, I must admit I'm struggling a bit with the new site layout, but I will get used to it 🙃 lol
What an amazing service thank you both so much for sorting out our user issues especially Anthony who managed to talk me through the steps simply and patiently. I have one very happy husband now!! Great service thank you so much. Julie & Dean
Testing testing is this a PM?
Yes! Whereabouts are you?
I've just replied via a message that Jim has set up. Sorry for the delayed reply as we are currently in the USA (-5 hrs time difference ) with family.

Retired LGV trainer. Married to Jan and we have enjoyed traveling since 1981. Changed from a caravan to a motorhome in 2004.
Les Vickery
First time to join in any forums. Hope to join a few rallies.and if possible help with peoples vehicle problems and also ask for your help. Looking forward to the future.
Thanks Jim, it looks as if it's downloaded successfully , I haven't had time to read it yet but I can't wait . Thanks for the advice
The Dotties
The Dotties
you seem to have posted this to my profile page. (Not sure how!)
I think you intended it for Jim

The Dotties
The Dotties
Ahem.... you’ve done it again. 😂😂🙄
G4SKK Over and out
Thought that you were a radio ham
I am. Sorry - must have been a brain fart :D . I haven't done much (anything) since the mid-90s but I've fished out a radio recently & bought a dual-bander in the last month so I'm going to have another play.
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