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Virgin Radio have been holding a competition called Who's Calling Christian? where listeners get celebrities to call the DJ on the breakfast show for a chance to win £10,000 for the celeb's fave charity.

England Rugby player Josh Lewsey called Christian and his nominated charity is the Army Benelovent Fund.

Being so close to the Rugby World Cup Final, he's obviously a popular choice and has made it through to the final 5 celebs.

Now, we need everyone's vote for him to win 10k towards the ABF, something I'm sure we as a community would all appreciate the value of.

Go to Virgin Radio website and click on the link for WHO'S CALLING CHRISTIAN and click on Josh Lewsey to vote.
Voting is open all weekend and the winner will be announced on Monday's breakfast show. Get voting!!


If you could send it onto any of your friends who think wouldn't mind a quick Click-click, it would help immensly

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