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    Since arriving at Zahora last Wednesday weather has been warm and sunny and the company good, and Mo lunchtime at the week end outside the bar consisted of a long table full of happy brits tucking into a variety of Tapas some with plates of chips and cold beer etc :thumb:
    Yesterday we went with Mo Judy and Paul to see some Roman ruins all being restored, rather impressive, cafe con leche down by the beach and then on the way back Win and I went to Tarifa which is the southern most point of Spain overlooking the Gibraltar Straits , didn't see Roadrunner or Snowbird on the other side :RollEyes:
    Win and I walked to the local beach yesterday pm, very nice :Smile:
    Mo upped and left for Camping Cabopino at Marbella this morning and we follow tomorrow morning after handing the hire car back :Smile:
    Cinema tonight organised by Jaws , dunno what the film is but I think I'm beyond the back row
    This is what retirement is all about :thumb:
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