Woodyhyde campsite

Mar 3, 2013
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We thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and do a last minute overnighter locally. Swanage area was our thoughts. Hubby had done a quick bit of research and thought we would try a our luck and turn up as we don't need hook up. Woodyhyde looked nice, it takes Motorhomes and tents but not caravans!!!! Didn't think much of it at the time until we went down the narrowish lane to be met by the teensiest of railway bridges. Fortunately there was large turning area and we escaped. I have checked this morning on their website and I can't find height or width details anywhere, unless I have missed them and the bridge had no measurements either. As far as we can work out this wa the one way in, shame as it has some good reviews. We carried on and stayed at Harmans Cross site. Quite basic but very quiet. Enjoyed a lovely night and then ventured into Swanage. Second mortgage required to park there.....if you can find a big enough parking space.£3.40 for 2 hours!!!! The council employee was very helpful and directed us to a space that was overhanging the front but didn't obscure the roadway. He advised us not to park in the coach bays even though we said we would obviously pay coach fees. We used every last minute of our two hours to get our money's worth. Not a particularly motorhome friendly place but we had a nice couple of hours there.
May 21, 2008
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We were at Harmans Cross the week before last, but I stayed at Woodyhyde a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it. Not sure about the bridge as I had a smaller van conversion then and had no trouble. But did see a large motorhome there this time, so there must be a way of getting in. The steam railway is great fun, and we took it into Swanage this time. We also enjoyed a barbecue at Kimmeridge Bay - the weather was excellent

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Sep 9, 2012
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We have stayed at Woodyhyde a few times...the lure of the steam locos plodding up and down makes it for us.

Like you, the first time we drove down the lane and saw the bridge I thought NEVER!

After edging forwards and mirrors fully in, SWMBO out the front waving arms and legs and shouting C-mon we managed to get through without damage. Of course once you've been through once it's easy to be cocky but it's true it is a squeeze.

Our van is a Bailey Approach Autograph 750 and we previously went through with an earlier Bailey 740. The height is no problem at all even though it looks low...we had plenty to spare above our 9ft 2" but the width is a different matter! With mirrors out we are 7ft 11" wide and it wont go through so I reckon its 7ft 6" wide and about 11ft high (thats a guess) BREATH IN!

Here is a shot of a lorry that did NOT make it...he did a bit of damage and then reversed out! Also one of an M7 Tank engine crossing said bridge on the way to Swanage.