Woman who died in trailer fire identified

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    :Sad:Woman who died in trailer fire identified
    By Mary Manning
    Wed, Jan 28, 2009 (3:01 p.m.)
    Woman's Body Found in Burned Trailer
    Jan. 27 -- Woman dies in early morning trailer fire
    The 58-year-old woman who was the victim of a Tuesday morning fire that swept through a travel trailer that burst into flames in northwestern Las Vegas has been identified as Sophia Kalfas, the Clark County coroner's office said today.
    The cause of death is pending, the coroner said.
    Kalfas had been a five-time cancer survivor and often visited the trailer in the back of a house to watch television and sometimes smoke, her family told Clark County Fire Department investigators.
    Clark County Fire Department investigators are looking into possible causes, including smoking, a space heater or faulty electrical wiring that ran from the house to the trailer, said Scott Allison, spokesman for the county fire department.
    The woman was found near the door of the 20-foot motor home behind a residence at 8875 Hickam Ave., near the intersection of Hickam and El Capitan Way. She was the mother of the home's residents, he said.
    Several 911 calls were received by emergency dispatchers because the motor home, as well as a fifth-wheel trailer that could attach onto a pickup truck bed, were engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived at about 4:20 a.m.
    "We believe the fire is accidental," Allison said, but the investigation is ongoing.
    Firefighters were able to douse the flames in a few minutes, Allison said
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