Witnesses to arson needed

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    11:40 - 08 September 2007 Exeter Express & Ehco
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    <!-- Code added for entertainment - added by anjana --> <!-- Code end for entertainment - added by anjana --> Police have renewed their appeal for witnesses following an arson attack on a parked camper van.The white Peugeot vehicle was destroyed after it was set on fire at Dart Business Park at Topsham Flats on Friday, August 31.

    The incident happened between 9.45pm and 9.55pm and police said they believe a 4x4 vehicle left the car park moments before the fire broke out and a young male was also spotted in the vicinity.

    "The camper van was parked adjacent to the western edge of the car park and damage was also caused to a house nearby," said PC Kim Chapman.

    <!-- DIV added for task NFT00001396 --> "The driver of the 4x4 and the young man are asked to contact the police as they may hold information.

    "Anyone who may have been in the area at the time is asked to contact the police."

    Anyone with information can contact police on 08452 777444

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