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Jan 7, 2023
Bath, UK
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I have two electrical faults on my MH. The first is the electric awning, the second is the wifi back box (which charges the actual wifi box).

For the awning, the only external-to-the-main-fuse-box 20A fuse I can find is fine (tested with a meter), so the issue is probably elsewhere. I cannot find any master switches or anything else that might be stopping it working. For the wifi, the power cable (obviously a 12v or similar adaptor) disappears into the wall inside one of the cupboards and goes ..er...no idea where. I have tested that with a meter and no voltage is coming out.

Neither are covered by any warranty that is still in force, so I have to try and find the issues myself or put it into a garage.

For the first option, I guess I need to follow the wiring, but with everything seemingly going behind "walls" does anyone have any hints or tips on how to go about this?

I'm a computer guy (and ok with electronics) so I'm not completely ignorant, but I'm also cack-handed with DIY stuff which usually encourages me avoid any manual work. The garage is the sensible option, but this must be something simple. Both are the only after market additions, and both have failed. That sounds like a common factor fault to me.

edit I think I should add that literally everything else works fine.
Aug 18, 2014
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Sorry can't really help except as you say literally trying to trace the wiiring. Hopefully someone better informed might be able to help shortly
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