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Discussion in 'How To' started by mogbl, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    After a lot of searching of websites and forums trying to find out what tyres I would have to have for the Austrian winter, 1st November to 15th April. I got a very quick response from Mitchelin. Now I know full blown winter tyres would be best but for me that would be £1140.00 cheapest I found, six tyres.
    I would not be in a position to change back after Austria as we intend to go further afield. I have Mitchelin Camping tyres.

    Thank you for your enquiry about the suitability of mud and snow camping tyres in Austria.

    We can confirm that the mud and snow marking on the Agilis Camping tyres conforms to European winter tyre laws. Please be aware however that some countries have a legal requirement that for the tyre to be classed as a winter tyre the tread depth must be 4mm or above. When the tread depth drops to below 4mm then the tyre is classed as a summer tyre and therefore the M+S marking is no longer applicable.

    Should you require any further assistance please contact us on 0845 366 1590 (UK & NI) or 0044 (0) 1782 401590 (ROI), quoting the reference number above.

    Hope this helps anybody who was as confused as I was

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    Jan 17, 2010
    Hi Richard

    I have been looking for winter tyres for our usual December trip to Germany. As our trip will be less than 2000 miles each year, I have purchased a set of spare rims (via Ebay) so that I can easily change wheels for the trip. This leads to the point that the tyres are going to get little wear so I am purchasing the MPC tyre 225/75 R16 118/116Q from The spec matches size, load and speed rating of my Mitchelin camping tyres and from the details I have read regarding their construction, they appear to be a good quality remould produced by the Marangoni Group ( )

    Including delivery I have been quoted under £67 per tyre - then need to get them fitted.

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    very useful info there, especially the tread depth info, for anyone venturing to ski resorts this winter Richard
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    Hi, we have M + S tyres and use them all year, Its OK having them fitted on other rims but how many years are you going to keep using them. :Smile: We change our tyres every 5 years and we have never worn a set of tyres out and we do high mileage in our van.
    I would recommend anyone who goes to Rallies or uses CL / CS sites to have them fitted, they make a lot of difference, we towed our Trailer / Car in 6" of snow two years ago from Suffolk all the way through France in January no problem at all.:thumb: Bob.

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