Winter in Greece?

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  1. Knaus680


    Sep 11, 2007
    Home base is Newcastle, but currently full timing
    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could give us some advice about spending the winter in Greece this year? We are pretty new to this game, and know nothing about Greece at all. We do prefer to 'wildcamp' if possible. Any help at all would be welcome. Thanks:thumb:
  2. Don Madge

    Don Madge Funster

    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks

    This will give you some ideas for free camping. We found Greece a bit on the cold side wntering but you pay your money and you take your chances.

    There's a lot of info at




    Barry and Margaret Williamson Updated January 2007

    Overnight parking is often available outside closed campgrounds, in car parks at the ends of roads leading down to the sea, outside restaurants (ask permission if they are open), by harbours and adjacent to some ancient sites. This list is particularly useful when most campsites are closed - usually between end-September and Easter. All the ones listed below have been used by us!

    Places to park overnight on the coast of the Peloponnese, described anti-clockwise from Patras, include:

    1. Patras: On the harbour or in a cul-de-sac leading to a closed campsite a mile or 2 N of the port, along the sea front.

    2. Kato Alissos: About 10 miles SW of Patras. From the Old Nat Road, follow the signs to Camping Kato Alissos (closed in winter) but continue left down a short steep hill to the sea front where there is a splendid level area on the edge of the beach.

    3. Killini: 45 miles SW of Patras. The port for Zakinthos and Kefalonia. On the harbour or on the sea front W of the harbour.

    4. Loutra Killinis: 5 miles S of Killinis. On the sea front at the end of the cul-de-sac, in a turning circle. The abandoned EOT hotel and former campsite (now being rebuilt) provide other opportunities.

    5. Thinnon Forest: 3 miles S of Vartholomio (which is between Gastouni and Loutra Killinis). On the beach by the tavernas in a large car park.

    6. Amaliada: Several lanes lead to quiet seaside parking areas SW of Amaliada.

    7. Pirgos: The car park of the AB or the Eurospar, either side of the main road (the New Nat Road), waiting for the supermarkets to open!

    8. Sulphur Springs: 5 miles N of Zaharo by the warm springs and pool, at Kaiafa Lake. Approach on gravel road leaving main road N of lake. German residents possible.

    9. Giannitsohori: 10 miles S of Zaharo. One of several cul-de-sacs leading to seafront parking.

    10. Kiparissia: On the sea front off the road leading to the campsite (closed in the winter).

    11. Marathopolis: 3 miles W of Gargaliani on minor seafront road. By the small fishing port.

    12. Pilos: 10 miles N. Follow tracks leading to headland on N side of Navarino Bay (you will probably have company near one of Greece's best beaches).

    13. Pilos: Excellent overnight parking on the harbour.

    14. Methoni: On the extensive harbour car park.

    15. Petalidi: On the waterfront south of the town centre.

    16. Nea Itio: 4 miles N of Areopoli. Leave the main road to the N of Nea Itio to find small splendid parking (signed) by a restaurant which is closed in winter. Alternatively, park by the shore. Road through fishing village is very narrow - leave the way you entered.

    17. Gerolimenas: Near the foot of the Mani, west side. Small gravel car park behind the tiny harbour, behind hotel, W of the road. Great place from which to cycle to Cape Matapan.

    18. Marmari: Near the foot of the Mani, east side. Parking area before the hotel at the end of the road, signed 'Parking for Car and Mobile Homes'. Even nearer to Cape Matapan.

    19. Gythion: On the promenade on the N side of town, on road towards Skala.

    20. Glikovrisi: 20 miles NE of Gythion. On the beach outside the (now permanently closed) campground.

    21. Monemvassia: By the harbour, S of town, before Camping Paradise (closed in winter). Alternatively, continue past Paradise for a couple of miles to park on a little cove.

    22. Paralia Astros: A long way N of Monemvassia. 18 miles S of Argos. Main road bypasses town. In car park for nature reserve, just N of town of Paralia Astros.

    23. Nea Kios: 5 miles S of Argos, 5 miles W of Nafplio. In large car park on seafront road.

    24. Nafplio: Lots of opportunities in large parking areas around commercial harbour and railway station.

    25. Epidavros, ancient site and theatre near Asklipio, 20 miles E of Nafplio. In the extensive free car park. (Not to be confused with Palea Epidavros on the coast, where there are seasonal campsites.)

    26. Corinth: At Isthmia, the far E end of the Canal. In large car park at the very end of the canal near control station or, just S, on a small sea-front road near gardens.

    27. Rion: 5 miles NE of Patras. Ferry port or new bridge to cross the Gulf of Corinth. Lots of space on large waiting areas for ferry.
  3. Knaus680


    Sep 11, 2007
    Home base is Newcastle, but currently full timing
    :thumb:WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks very much. Had too many 'whiskey and coke's' to look at them in depth now, :Blush:but will definately give it my sober attention tomorrow. qwe were worried that 'wildcamping' would not be possible but your list proves otherwise. Someone gave us a list similar for the Algarve this year and it was invaluable. Thank you very very much. Jan

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