Winnebago Brave Slide-outs - not sliding out.

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    A report from Funsters Martyn & Jane:

    Just a quick note to let you know the outcome of my non sliding slideouts :Angry:

    I had a failure when attempting to extend the slideouts on our Winnebago Brave, the pump could be heard running but the rooms would not move out.
    Our library of manuals which came with Dave (The Brave!,ask Jane :Eeek:) included an operators manual for the HWH Hydraulic system which makes the slides work.
    They included electrical and hydraulic schematics.

    Great! But...

    page 11 Troubleshooting, item 10. Pump runs but room does not move. - YES just what we have.

    OK Remedy....A. Room control switch faulty, B.Extend or Retract solenoid valve is bad, C. Faulty wire or Electrical connection.

    Our conclusions from that were:

    A. It is unlikely 2 room switches are both faulty.

    B. Unlikely all 4 solenoids have gone down together.

    C. It must be an electrical problem.

    A local Hydraulic firm (Danzers Padstow) confirmed the solenoids were good (after checking the system with the info I was able to give them from the manuals) - and talking with Paul Dudley at Dudleys, Oxford - who was very helpful during our 3 phonecalls even though we did not buy our Winnebago from him. (Thanks and respect to him).

    Trying to locate physical components from the schematic diagram was a pain.

    The hydraulics man then went into electrical mode - and found there was no power getting to the pump relay.

    So we set about looking for a loose wire or blown fuse - and found an in line 15 amp fuse blown, located under the system pump between radiator and front grille.

    Changed fuse, rooms slide OK. Eureka!!

    Cost:- Fuse - 30p Hydraulic Engineer £32 per hour (x 2 hours)

    I will try to get some photos of the pump unit and fuse location when the weather picks up it may help someone in the future.

    Cheers for now

    Martyn and Jane.
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    It must be asked what caused the fuse to blow in the first place?

    Regards Pat
  3. Geo

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    An excess of current in excess of the fuse rating:ROFLMAO:
    By the way thats the first place i would have looked:Doh:
    Ill get me coat:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    i had a similar problem when my hydraulic jacks failed. eventually found remedy (after resetting the control unit by pressing all four direction arrows simultaneously) by resetting the circuit breaker inside the engine compartment. took 2 minutes, but 3 days to find out how.


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