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    Having tried a few things to stop our dogs/bedding squishing the blind on the window at the end of the bed I'm now trying another method ... namely an 'overbath' drying rail! I got it from a car boot sale for £1 and the only thing I have had to do to the rail itself is unscrew and remove the 2 supporting 'feet' from it.

    I have temporarily tied the bottom of the rail around the bottom of the blind cassette casing (although the mattress topper keeps it in place anyway) and have used sticky velcro on the top and on the side of the camper so it stays put - I only had black though so will get some white to replace it with if it works okay. There are no bars in the immediate middle section which means I can still move the cassette blind/net screen up/down easily and the window can still be opened so the dogs can have a sniff in a morning with no fear of them falling out! :D

    If it works okay I may cut it down to fit but if I leave it as it is it can be easily removed so I can use it as a drier if I want to too! (y)

    This is the drier I used - its an Addis one and is very lightweight but strong:


    This is it in place - the second photo you can see the velcro on the corner, there's also a piece behind the central 'hinge':

    bed grid 1.jpg

    bed grid 3.jpg
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