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Jul 8, 2018
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Hi everyone.

I'm after a bit of advice......

We bought our first motorhome last year and it came with a wind out awning (Postor 600 - I believe the new Dometic equivalent is a PR 2500?). However, the issue is that it is only around 3.25m in length and doesn't quite extend over the habitation door which is near the front of our van (Autosleeper Broadway EL Duo - early 2013 plate but old style 2012 shorter wheelbase).

We were originally hoping to be able to attach one of the Dometic Camp Rooms to it, but as the awning rail doesn't cover the door we would need to move the awning forward, but the roof attachments would also need moving and one local motorhome centre said we would probably be better to get a longer awning, or use a driveaway style awning, using the channel on our awning to connect to......

So, last weekend we went to look at possible awnings, as we don't want anything with too big a footprint. We thought we had found a couple of possibilities, but when we asked the assistant about whether these would fit our van we were told that the channel on our wind out awning needs to also extend over the door in order to make the attachment to the driveaway awning so our only way around it, would be to attach an additional awning rail! This doesn't seem a viable option as neither of us are very tall, so it would end up being more hassle than it's worth trying to connect to the van!

My question is, is it possible to attach a longer length of awning beading (Keder piping?) to my wind out awning, then use a figure 8 to attach that to the driveaway awning, therefore extending the effective length of my wind out awning to take the connecting bead from the driveaway one? This would make it possible for me to attach and wind the awning back into place without worrying about having to carry a set of step ladders to reach a separate fixed awning rail.

Hope this makes sense!!

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Oct 18, 2007
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Best option would be to change the awning but you won't get a lot of change out of a grand.
What you are thinking off would be a bit fraught and could do damage if the wind gets up.

Just looked up your van, it has a very small payload unless it has been upgraded to 3850kg I doubt if you have enough payload to carry drive away awning.
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Nov 27, 2011
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second hand fiamma and omnistor awnings are quite often for sale relatively cheaply

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