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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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Had a great laugh on the way in to Shepton following Bryan & Suzy through some small villages. On one particular stretch of roadworks Bryan had great fun using the cones as tiddlywinks and firing them at the workmen, one of whom actually threw one back:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

The wind and rain persisted all weekend apart from a sunny couple of hours on saturday, we met quite a few familiar faces from here and Motorhomefacts, so plenty of coffee and chat was the order of the weekend.

As for the show, I found it pretty dissapointing, it is spread over 5 large sheds that stink of cow dung and the exhibitor list was small. However the exhibitors who I spoke to said though that they had a good weekend, because those brave enough to go out in that weather and put up with the stink were not there to browse they wanted to buy.

I spoke to quite a few people who are going to look at the site with the possibility of advertising with us, and a couple who will let us sell items on their behalf for a commission so it was well worth the £250 fuel bill.

Will I go next year? I doubt it, too small and smelly:Smile:


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Hope it was a fruitful trip for you Jim......but now you know why we didn't go, nor last year, nor the year before...............:winky:

Motorhome tiddlywinks eh?, now that could catch on! :ROFLMAO:


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Jul 31, 2007
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40 yrs and still not got a release date

Who are you calling familiar Jim lol, thanks for the coffee and biscuits.

We have quite enjoyed it. Best remedy for the smell is to develop a slight cold prior to arriving, not enough to bother you or give to others but enough to filter any pongs

I can see how you and Linda are viewing things but there were a lot of potential customers at Shepton and with less traders, those that are there get more of the customers time. I spoke to one local trader and he had sold four vans by Friday afternoon, another small guy dealing with cheap vans had moved his entire stock. O Learys and the other accessory stands were constantly surrounded.

From a campers point of view I like it. There are two bars, one with music blaring out and another for conversation, works well.

Its a 200 mile drive for us from our "base" in Essex but we like it because its the first of the year and more laid back than some of the others.


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There are two ways of looking at that Stew.

My main reason for not going (apart from the weather, lack of interest and smelly sheds) is the fact that I resent taking what is effectively a week out of work and having to pay ridiculous pitch fees (£36 per square meter for Shepton 8x6 meters = £1728 plus extra for electricity which you invariably HAVE to have) knowing it really would not be worth my while as interest from traders and public alike is waning.

As for potential customers, I doubt there would have been many for me anyway.

Cast your mind back to when there were two Malvern shows, we visited in March 2006 and were amazed just how few traders were there (incidentally the pitch fees there were high too), the general consensus amongst the visitors we spoke to was that it was a waste of time going. Needless to say, the 2007 show was cancelled and there is no show for 2008 either.

Shepton's September show is another ball game altogether but then the weather is much better.


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Sep 26, 2007
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Boy, do Stone Leisure know how to charge! We have only ever had 3 metres deep so when they introduced a minimum depth of 6 metres that effectively doubled the prices for us. It was as cheap to exhibit at an indoor show as it was to take a 6x3 at Shepton.
And another thing, why on earth are the accessories spread throughout the show? Stratford was ridiculous.
With Warners I'd never get the same pitch from one year to the next. Or they'd be walls in the Peterborough hall for 3 or 4 years and then nothing! And why is it so unreasonable for traders to want electric in their vehicles. We all just love generators running late into the night don't we?:ROFLMAO:
Beginning to remember why I gave it up!:roflmto:



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Oct 16, 2007
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the trouble with you townies::bigsmile:

some of us love the shepton show, that good country air really helps open the lungs

sorry you didn't manage to stop for a chat jim but we were swamped most of the time, personally I thought it was well attended considering the weather

I think a lot of people see it as a good oppourtunity to give the van a bit of an airing and catch up with thier motorhome friends, there is certainly a lot of "nice to see you again" that happens in the evenings

Next Year ??

You bet your boots

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Dec 29, 2007
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Even though the weather was not at its best :RollEyes: we did enjoy the show. we didn't buy an awful lot this time as we have not long had our new MH. we did buy some rugs from the Kilim range which was sold by a lady in the annexe (outside the main hall) and they seem pretty good so far, they don't seem to creep/move like others we have had.

Last minute purchase a washing brush with a lot of extras from the stall upstairs.

We did enjoy our trip to Wells which made a change from Shepton Mallet town (not worth visiting) and also had a pub lunch.

Our only regret we didn't meet more people from motorhomFunsters or MHF as we stayed inside the MH when not walking the dog or visiting the show, due to weather.

For us its a good chance to give the MH a run and use it after being idle for the Xmas period.


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Dec 9, 2007
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We go to the Shepton show every year but only the Autumn one. The Fireworks last year were terrific. Strangely, most motorhomes we have bought have all been at the Shepton show. This year however we shall be out of the country.


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