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Discussion in 'England' started by bandit, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2011
    good afternoon everybody,im still camping out all round morecambe in my motorhome,goin 2 be doin it for nxt 3wks till i move back into my holiday.if you come 2 morecambe park in morrisons coach park at the side,nobody will bother you,i was there 5hrs yesterday,then moved 2 my work location.you can park in whitelund ind est,down at the end of reebok building very quiet and security walking about,alsoyou can park on the promanade,joutside Clarendon hotel sea ward side no limit up to the end of frontier land.Then from other side of lifeboat slip right down to the end off prom,i hope this thread of info helps you fellow motorhomers.all the best,safe driving:thumb:THE BANDIT:Cool:
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