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May 8, 2021
Bedford, UK
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Bailey Autograph792F
Since June 2021
Actually considering upgrading from my current Alliance SE 76-2 to an Autograph 79-2 and just wondered if anyone else has an autograph and had any thoughts about them?
Feb 17, 2017
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C Class
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We have the 79-6 (2017) bought it new as our first ever motorhome with the intention of using it to see if we liked motorhoming and what type of motorhome suited us best and loved it so much I would not consider changing it, SWMBO also loves it but is nervous of driving it so occasionally suggests getting a smaller van so she can share the driving on longer European trips, I have tried telling her it would be better if she just learned to drive properly but I just suffer severe pain straight after I suggest it🤔😁


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Dec 28, 2020
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I am on my third Bailey Autograph, all bought new and without any serious issues. Minor faults sorted under warranty, in fact I find Bailey great at agreeing any warranty work. There has been a delay waiting for parts in tne last year or so but nothing major.
I have a 704i now with island bed and for us it is the perfect motorhome layout and tne Bailey version is imo exceptional value compared to others.
Oct 25, 2016
Hartford Cheshire
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Bailey Autograph 79-
Lots but slow learner.
We have a 2022 Autograph 79-4T
In having warranty work done at the mo. 9 jobs (5 minor)
Space is the big thing for us, plenty of it.
The twin beds are the widest we could find.
Got everything we want.
Oven, grill, micro wave, 165 engine. built in sat nag (although we don't use that one), 2 tables, blah blah

One issue that is causing a bit of head scratching, the fridge door fell off, damaged the oven handle and a shelf from inside as it all came crashing out.
They tell me they have had several in for the same problem. Their fix was changing the plastic pins for steel ones. Thing is mine has the steel ones and it still fell off.
It's of course a Dometic.
Bailey never questioned any of the jobs on the snag list. They tell me in the service place that Bailey are very good at putting things right if summat goes wrong.
Really happy with the van.
I have mentioned prior that the build and material quality is no match for the German built ones, but i always say one is not paying German money for your MH.
Apr 30, 2020
Hartpury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK
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Bailey Autograph 796
Had 79-6 from new in 2017. Two warranty jobs - habitation door and cab skylight - both sorted quick and pain free. Oh and waste pipe.
I love it. Very nearly traded in for a new Argos last year which for the extra £40k+ did not have better cabinetry build quality in my opinion.

My Pros.
  • 79-6 layout is perfect for us as a young family (the wife & boy, not me)
  • Good size bathroom especially when off grid
  • Crash tested - the rear seats and bulkhead were better than anything else we looked at
  • Good kitchen worktop space - no need to prep at the table
  • Alfe heating
  • Sculpted rear seats are really comfy
  • The « airplane » lockers - loads of space and look wonderful IMO
  • Low air draught - low cost on French autoroute every time 😉
  • Easy to make up beds - Kel and I use drop down, Archie the dinette but we have used the huge rear for my aging parents on a tour of Brittany
  • Space and light is gurt lush
  • Width especially by the kitchen area
  • Great lounging in the rear lounge
  • Low to ground
  • Drives well - no body roll at all
My Cons
  • Ride quality especially if like me you like to get a shuffle on
  • Drop down bed could come lower or have more headroom (fixed in new 81-6 at expense of air draught
  • Outside storage is a compromise
  • Transom strength for bike rack is low - I would not dare carry two electric bikes for instance, would require tow bar option
  • The flip over seat base is great for making bed but cushions can slip on travel easier than a solid one would ( fixed on new model)
  • Did I mention the ride quality ? The new models are on higher alko chassis which improve this greatly but in the 81-6 that I looked at the compromise of the already compromised outside storage
  • Small battery box
  • Stupid system that switches off habitation electric when driving (can easily be fixed)
  • Depth of rear sofa base
  • UK tables - I have been meaning to fix that
  • Caravan water entry and exit system
Not an issue for me on my model but mate has 79-4 (2019?) and the rear axle loading is not good if you want to carry a ped.

Would I buy another one? My model, yes absolutely (eg if mine totalled or nicked). New one 81-6. No. I think that the changes made worsen the compromises. But don’t let me put you off, make your own decisions. Happy hunting PaulC70 👍

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Oct 25, 2016
Hartford Cheshire
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Bailey Autograph 79-
Lots but slow learner.
When we got ours i was waiting for issues with the skylight as i had read so many reports about wind noise and one case of it blowing off (personally i think he left it open).
We have done nearly 8k miles so far, a few at 80 mph+, not a wisper, no issues whatsoever.
I did put a scooter rack on the back but it being a really low chassis it didn't work out so dumped it for a Motolug trailer (great excuse to get a bigger bike, so i did).
Madam likes to sit up in bed to read in the morning, the 79-4T is ideal for that. Some we looked at there was no chance of doing that.
There is absolutely no way we would have anyone else staying overnight with us so the additional sleeping did not come into our criteria.
As for storage, for some that carry ton's of crap i could see it's limited. We carry bare essentials which are minimal so absolutley no issues with weight or space, in fact we have loads of surplus.

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