White Streaks after washing (1 Viewer)

Apr 30, 2018
Mid Suffolk
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Adria Matrix 670DC
Motorhoming since 2018.
I've posted this tread on the detailing section as well.

Can anyone please suggest a way to remove the white streaks from the side of the MoHo, they're more prominent on the matt black and silver decals on the side.

I washed it last evening after the sun had gone down and it was a little cooler outside. Chamois leathered off with some fresh water this morning and loads of streaks all down the side (see attached images A & B).

Tried washing again but to no avail. Its a bit hot to try and polish them out just now. although I'm not sure polishing will do the trick.

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly received.

Thanks- Derry


  • White Streaks after washing A.JPG
    White Streaks after washing A.JPG
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  • White Streaks after washing B.JPG
    White Streaks after washing B.JPG
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