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    Jul 14, 2011
    Charente Maritime
    We're off to treviso in northen italy in September for a short 3 week trip. As we live near Saintes in western France the direct route would be via Lyon, but I suffer from vertigo and just cannot do mountain cols.

    So I can either go via Nice etc, through the Frejus or the St Bernard tunnel. I prefer the Frejus tunnel looking at the maps, but can anyone suggest any problems I would encounter, bearing in mind my vertigo problem.
    (ex RN Fleet Air Arm maintainer, I couldn't even fly in our Wasp helo, talk about terror!!)

    Also, apart from a w/e off to Clermont in the Auvergne (also for a game of rugby::bigsmile:) it will be my first longish distance drive.

    I've read a 2009 thread but have there been any changes does anyone know?

    Tony and Anne and a westie called Squibs

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