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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by asinboat43, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    From one confused newbe to RV's??:cry:

    After 3 months in our new [to us] RV all 16 years old, and love her to bits, we are having problems with the step down transformer 230V to 110V.

    Input fine from the 230v consumer unit, except the output 110V side of the step/down transformer is in the form of a 13amp [english] socket, hence through a 13amp plug and the away to a hook up plug/socket combination.....this 13amp plug keeps frying naturally because of the current draw from the RV's 110V system.....I think??
    So got in touch with a transformer supplier, and have just had step/down transformer delivered with a 110VAC / with a chunky 32 amp outlet, just to make sure we dont melt any more...plugs a very large lump 5KVA not much to melt now, although it appears that the new transformer does not work at all :whatthe:

    on speaking to the manufacturer they said that that we should be using 120V AC instead of 110V AC :Sad:

    HELP which way do we go.......??:winky:

    cheers asinboat

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