Where to go tomorrow "BritStops"

Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by Dubiousp, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Dubiousp


    Jul 3, 2012
    Well good evening all, how many have tried Brit stops I joined but not stopped anywhere yet. Was thinking about trying one out tomorrow night, leaving southampton about 11:00

    any body tried anything localish
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  2. kiwicamper


    Jun 8, 2009
    christchurch NZ
    we have used a few Brit Stops with varied results.The farm shops are generally better than the pubs but there are lots more pubs.The problem with the pubs is that sometimes their car parks are too small for a motorhome ,if the pub is busy.
    At most stops we have sampled the produce or had a meal or drink but this should not be compulsory.
    We stopped at one pub that opened again at six,when the staff arrived we made ourselves known and said we might pop in for a drink later.The pub got very busy ,it was packed ,we were surrounded by cars ina very tight space.It pouring with rain,so we hunkered down and finished off a bottle of red.We didn't,t think they would notice our non apearence but about 10pm the landlord came out and gave us an earful about our obligations to spend coin in his establishment.That he said was his sole reason for signings up,not to give freeloaders a place to stay.
    I told him we usually did like to spend time and coin in the places we had stopped but tonight ,due to the rain and the fact his pub was packed we had not.
    His whole manner was aggressive and over the top so we moved on.

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