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Mar 28, 2010
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Done a few calculations on whether the CMC is a rip off or a good deal for me.

It seems that taking the cost of an overnight at a specific site when we first joined and then take into account inflation, the same CMC site should be been £4.50pn more expensive than it is now. In addition the site has been upgraded. What has changed is our income has not kept pace with inflation so the CMC looks expensive.

Now, taking a CL I stay at with minimal services since a CMC member then if I apply inflation, the same CL is charging £6.90pn less than it should do.

Between the CMC site and the CL, there is another CL we use which we think provides the equivalent facilities of a CMC site. Yet this CL is up to £14 cheaper than the CMC full site. Hmmm.

If you do the maths then I'd guess your figures will be different dependent on when you joined the CMC and the inflation curve you are on.

For me, it looks like the CLs are not making much money or they are fleet of foot when it comes to controlling costs and giving what the customer wants. By the way, I joined long before the Caravan Club changed its name.

I'll get 'me coat' now!


Nov 4, 2018
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None all to expensive these days.

Best option is pitchup.com in my opinion.

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