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Hi, I have just bought a motorhome in partnership with a friend of mine and we are at the early stages of "looking at what we have got". It's a D reg diesel transit, it has a ci trim on the outside,if that means anything and it is called a San Francisco. Luckily lots of things do work on it but one thing that is obviously missing is some kind of water pump. Under one of the seats is a big fresh water tank and next to it are a blue pipe and a clear braided pipe that stop at four screws on the inside of the seat where some kind of pump has been removed. There is also a blue wire and a brown wire for a power supply. I am trying to find out if it needs a basic pump or if it is something more complicated, either way I have no idea where the best place to get what I need is. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou.


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hi poncho,

what you need is one of these, click here

the blue cylinder underneath the pump picture is a surge damper....not really neccessery but it does stop the water from surging and slurting when you open a tap, i would fit one.
the pump has a built in pressure switch.....turn a tap on.. the pump starts....turn it off the pump stops after a few seconds.
the two wires go straight to the pump....thats it!

i think these are about the cheapest you can get but they are good.

if you click here it will take you to our very own fiamma dealer....'johns cross motorhomes'
peter is a member of the M/H FUN and is very helpfull. give him a call. (and his prices are cheap)
type 'caravan accessories' into a search engine and browse the different sites to find the cheapest.
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Thanks guys

Thanks for the advice and quick response, i will talk with my mate and get on the phone.:thumb:

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Hi i'm new here aswell> I got some information here how to start as a camper on van. It's really interesting. Thanks for the welcome.
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Sep 28, 2008
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"There is also a blue wire and a brown wire for a power supply"

It is very unlikely, but with those colours it may pay to check that it is not 220v from shore power.
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