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What to Buy First

If you bought your RV from a dealer you probably received a starter kit that includes some basic items. When you visit an RV store you'll find lots of other goodies that scream "BUY ME"! It is recommended that you wait until you gain some experience before you load up on stuff you may not need. Get some feedback from other campers before you spend your hard-earned money. Following is a list of items that will get you started; if they're not in your starter kit, buy them before your first trip.

Two sewer hoses; one 10 footer and one 20 footer
One connector to attach sewer hose to RV
One fitting to attach sewer hoses together (to form a 30 foot hose)
Hose clamps to attach sewer hoses to connectors
Adapter to attach sewer hose to campground sewer
Trash bags (store sewer hoses in these)
Plastic box with tight-fitting lid (to store hoses and adapters)
Disposable rubber gloves
Toilet chemicals
RV toilet paper
Drinking water hose (only to fill water tank or hook up to city water)
Pressure regulator for drinking water hose (VERY important)
Utility water hose
For 50 amp service coaches; 50 to 30 amp pigtail and 30 to 20 amp adapter
For 30 amp service coaches; 30 to 20 amp adapter
Electrical tester (to check circuits on RV site before hooking up)
Leveling kit (plastic blocks to place under tires to level coach)
Bubble level(s)
Small tool kit
Work gloves

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Jul 26, 2007
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I just bought mine as is.

Got most all I needed to have my first outing in the States from Walmart (while using their car park as a pitch:winky:)
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Oct 13, 2007
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Don't forget LPG connectors not all filling stations let you use theirs. Also one for continental use.:thumb:

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