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Aug 20, 2007
Costa Blanca, Spain.
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OK techies, here's your chance to shine:

I've got a 1992 Eura Mobil 4 berth overcab coachbuilt on the Peugeot J5 chassis-cab.

Engine is the 2.5 diesel, non-turbo.

No flashy electric extras are run from the vehicle battery.

At present it's fitted with a 70ah engine battery that it came with when I bought it (brand is a "Fiamma Diamond"). Battery appears to be reasonably new - perhaps 1 or two years old; but impossible to be certain as whoever fitted it never marked the Year/Month sticker on the top of it at the time.

I've noticed several times over the past couple of weeks that when starting the van early in the morning, that having allowed the glowplugs about 5 seconds to heat up, when I then turn the key to activate the starter motor, I hear the solenoid click, but the starter doesn't turn. Release key. Wait a few seconds, turn key, same thing. Wait a few seconds and turn key again, and starter then works fine and engine fires up immediately.
Frustratingly, on other days, this doesn't happen at all, and the starter activates first time.
The problem only ever manifests first thing in the morning - at all other times (when the engine is warm) it starts instantly without any need for glowplug use at all.
Previous owner had the glowplugs and starter solenoid replaced about 18 months ago.

I was thinking about possible casues, and thus solutions.

Now that it's getting a bit cooler here in Spain it can actually be quite chilly through the night - maybe it's simply that the 70ah battery hasn't got enough "oomph" to perform well once it's colder.
I'm happy to replace this tiddly battery anyway, and have been offered a 110ah new battery at a good price. It's obviously a lot bigger and heavier, but will fit on the battery tray.
But is 110ah over the top? Should it be bigger/smaller than 110??
What size batteries do other people have in their diesel chuggers, and what experience have they had with them??

Alernatively maybe the brushes on the starter motor are wearing out - does anyone know if the starter on the Peugeot J5 (the precurser to the Peugeot Boxer, and the same van as the Citroen C25 and Talbot Express) is DIY strippable and "re-brushable", or is it an exchange unit jobbie?

Any input/advice on battery sizes, or any other possible solutions will be welcomed!!!




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Jul 29, 2007
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:Cool: Hi Bruce. The battery size isn't a problem. As you know we get lot's of condensation during the night in SPAIN. Check the connections and spray with WD40. But FIRST. CHeck that there is sufficient Electrolyte in the Battery. The HOT weather in SPAIN dries out batteries pretty quickly. :winky:


Aug 20, 2007
Costa Blanca, Spain.
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Aaah yes, of course.

As we are in SPAIN, I'll need to check all of the things that are specific to the climate in SPAIN.

Will do.


Bruce. ::bigsmile:


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Sounds familiar to me, the problem I had was a loose battery terminal (they always look ok)

I didnt realise till the terminal got hot and melted, while I was testing the system trying to find the fault.......

Be very careful when tightening positive terminl always make sure that the spanner is not going to contact with chassis (this assumes negative earth which is modern standard, if you are unsure always check)

PS If you ever replace the Battery, the AH is not the thing to judge a starter battery on, when sizing stater batteries always find the CCA (cold cranking Amps) that the vehicle manufacturer reccomends and secondly the reserve capacity

You will usually have a form factor to consider (this sets things like size shape) but all good battery sellers will soon find the right replacement.

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