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Discussion in 'Motorhome Insurance General Discussion' started by Dubiousp, May 13, 2013.

  1. Dubiousp


    Jul 3, 2012
    Well Im sure theres going to be many answers, Ive just had a year with Safeguard which is now up for renewal. New had to claim so dont really know how good they are so.

    Simple answers on a post card whats the best company ?
  2. tonka

    tonka Funster Life Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    Cannock, Staffs or Benidorm, spain
    I was with safeguard for 10 years, had 2 breakdowns a 1 quite serious van smash..
    Every time sorted and no issues and having both insurance and the breakdown you just call the same place :thumb:

    Only reason we moved this year was because we went to Morocco and the other company had a little extra benefit (breakdown reclaim) which luckily we didnt need..
  3. JJ

    JJ Funster

    May 1, 2008
    Quinta Majay, Pinheiro Bordalo, Portugal

    That is how they make their money (although with you Steve it looks like you may still be "ahead". :winky:

    JJ :Cool:
  4. Gunner29


    May 24, 2012

    Renewed with Comfort as they were excellent when we had an accident (Not our fault French white van man) last Sept
  5. dug

    dug Funster

    May 28, 2011
    Hi Folks....This is based on ..1997 Fiat based 2500cc diesel ,manual box,7 metres long coachbuilt Mobilvetta Icaro 7L.LHD Import.
    Driver 65 years and Spouse ,no accidents ,convictions last 5 years,no no claims,UK nationals homeowner etc......

    For information only ...Yesterday I did my annual trawl for motorhome insurance,I wasn't going to bother As my current insurer Frank pickles and Highway had offered renewal at £305.20 no breakdown included,which is fine BUT,when I rang Them I remembered reading endless posts about being honest,so as I had fitted another solar panel 2 more batteries and an inverter charger during the year I I mentioned this to the young lady and she had To consult with her collegues for several minutes and then ring highway,the upshot was highway declined :Angry: To quote for renewal,so she had checked and Aviva would accept me for £404.26 with the solar panels,similar policy No breakdown included .Which is why I spent 5 hours on the keyboard and phone to see if I could better Aviva.
    Well 1st stop was saga £513.76.....
    2nd stop was Safeguard £667.80 Inc breadown......
    3rd was Groves & dean (I have an old vw polo with them and very good )They quoted £437.41 through Aviva when I spoke to the chap On the phone I asked about the solar panel he put me on hold for 8 minutes then came back and said I will have to ring aviva..... 6 minutes later and ,yes that's ok the price will now be £465.00 to include the panel,as I had already been quoted £404.26 WIth Pickles (Aviva) I declined.
    Next I decided on Go Compare,filled it all in with all the same speck as before including a drop down box which you can add accessories ,So I did ,solar panel ,telly,heating,bike rack,awning etc etc (a word of warning here these details do NOT go through to the various companies Underwriters etc and is a waste of time)as I found out later.........Top of the list was Frank pickles and Highway £294.81,as I had put the panels In the accessory box I was curious and rang them,I spoke to the same lady and she explained that the info in the accessory box does NOT
    Come through to them,she apologised and said she could still do aviva,I asked if this included legal cover and breakdown as this has cropped up before In some its standard and some its extra,legal included breakdown was extra.
    Comfort £346.85:whatthe::whatthe: and based on The quotation is for cover underwritten by Aviva Insurance UK Limited, and provides the following benefits:
    Personal belongings cover (with an option to increase the limit)
    Option to include full RAC UK and European breakdown cover with no restrictions on weight, length, height or age of the vehicle
    Cover for generators and awnings
    Full 365 day foreign use cover, with no single trip limit
    Legal Expenses cover included
    This sounded to good to be true so I rang......I explained about the solar panel etc and the young lady wrote it all down ,conferred with her manager And said the quote is fine and everything would be noted down,and would I like full UK and European breakdown with the RAC included for £404.92 ,:Eeek:yes please I said .The upshot is I have
    Beaten the best price and also have full breakdown UK and EU...........
    So it is worth telling the truth in the long run,perhaps this post will help Newbies,I myself didn't realise how much of a problem a solar panel could be
    But if you had a major claim they could refuse under the modification clause......
    Have fun ,dug.:thumb::thumb:
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