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    Okay guy's , i've been promising this for long enough , but as my computer hasn't fully grown up yet , it's been a challenge . However , i think i've cracked it .

    For those of you that think my avatar is just a picture , the first one is me , landing the bug in norfolk , this year . I was in norfolk for 6 week's , and was quite busy helping a friend with his training school . I did manage to get a fair bit of flying in , mainly when it was too thermic for the student's . However on this day , we had just one power student , so it was a good excuse to give my bug an airing , and get some more air under me feet .

    Now this one , was last year . Same place , just a different discipline . I'm actually rated in all three , power , winch , and hill . Last one meaning , i can officially throw myself off a cliff . course that is under the proviso , that i have a pair of wing's strapped to me back . Thinking about it , a fellow student filmed my first hill flight at woolacombe beach , in devon , i'll see if i can find it . This was a winch launch , but this time i was flying with student's , sorta training by example , coaching if ya like . Where i landed it was almost nil wind . I was also testing my new gopro camera , just a pity the mount's , i'd also brought were not a lot of good for what i wanted . I filmed a lot of flight's , but due to the mount's , this was the best .

    As i said it was quite busy this year , and i was involved more than ever , even touching on training , to such an extent , that several people commented , that maybe i should become a trainee instructor . I'm not sure about that one just yet , but it would be better than pushing a 40 ton truck around , and the school is based in andalucia ! . Trouble is , neither are a good enough reason to become a T.I .
    I don't get to fly much , but when i do , i go for it , that's what the motorhome is all about . The 3rd day there , it became a little too thermic for the student's to fly . Being a little rusty , i toke the opportunity , and borrowed a school glider for a quick circuit . I promptly locked into a thermal , that produced a 400ft a minute climb . I came off tow at 560 , and climbed to 1100 ft , i could have got more , but there was a poor guy on the ground , who i had borrowed the glider from . Funny though , he did seem to progress a little better after that .
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