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    Feb 27, 2011
    After yesterdays deluge I have to admit I was a little down. However today the cheerful tractor driver boyed me up somewhat then when I was driving up the A1 and got bored so took the first exit I got to....

    I went cross country, no maps, no gps using only the suns position in the sky to head north east in the direction I wanted to go. I stuck to B roads and got off A roads at the first opportunity.

    The sun was out in all it's glory, the wild life was going nuts and I was passing the most beautiful countryside and the most exquisite villages.

    This country is amazing when we get a blast of sun, so beautiful.

    I had a very pleasant drive back and it took my thoughts off my soggy socks and leaky shoes...

    When I got to Billinghay however there were skid marks on the road leading to two deep furrows down the embankment into a river... There was a large crane fully extended over the river. When I looked over there was just the roof of a van showing..

    The driver had obviously got out ok (I think and hope) as he was stood at the side of the river putting his thumb up to people who gave way...
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