Well, that didn't go to plan

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Booked the m'home in for a MOT, good little garage that replaced the belts for us last year when we got the bus.

    Arrived well in time, out came the tester and told me he can't do it...too big apparently and it will not fit their ramp!
    Had a quick look and a measure, the wheel base is about 18" too long.
    To their credit they rang around to see who could fit it in, both in terms of time and physically, hopefully something at an unknown place tomorrow or Monday.

    If only they asked the length at the time of booking - grr.

    To make matters worse, I nipped down to tesco first of all to return a duplicate DVD I'd bought, no problems says the customer service girl even though I didn't have the receipt, just go to the electrical desk. Off I went only to be refused - was only a five pound DVD. Can only do it if I show them my bank statement!
    Having pointed out that I didn't want a refund, but an exchange would suit, he still wasn't for moving...manager summoned and invited to apply some common sense which he grudgingly did.

    Next, off to the meat counter to buy some lamb leg steaks. Helpful young fellow tells me they're available in the pre-packed meat section, takes me down there and points out the lamb leg joints are on offer and it's easy enough to remove the bone.
    Well, you're a butcher could you do it? I ask. He'd love to, but he's not allowed!
    I'll buy it first then bring it back, can you do it then? Looking embarrassed, he tell's me no.

    Find the manager, again, and he tells me it 'elf and safety. Good God, your man's a butcher, he's got sharp knives, the skill and he's slicing up meat all day.
    Now it turns out that you can't mix fresh pre-packed meat with their fresh counter meat. Couldn't help but ask which meat was going contaminate which...common sense is a rare commodity these days, especially in Tesco.

    Anyway, just had a go at taking the bone out...would have been better if I sat the joint on a grenade and pulled the pin!

    Think I'll give the politicians TV debate a miss or I'll be in need of a new TV and I couldn't face a dose of Currys staff tomorrow!

    Ah, that was cathartic...apologies for the rambling, Happy Easter all:)

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    Nov 12, 2012
    west yorkshire
    I ran a workshop on the issues faced by sheep farmers in finding markets for their products. A butcher who was there said that Tescos and the other big supermarkets only like importing certain cuts like legs and selling them straight on for more profit as they have less overheads

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