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  1. martin2603

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    Nov 25, 2013
    On returning to our storage compound today I came across a fellow MHomer loading a light weight scooter on to a newly purchased and specially built rack. Having given all dimensions wheelbase rear overhang and I assume axle weights he was a little despondent to find that on a visit to the weighbridge with little else in the rear of the van he it was infact 60kg over on the back axle. Given that the scooter only weighs 80kg I think that some one at the builders made the wrong calculations with the rear fulcrum effect.
    Clearly overloading axles on 3.5tonne lwb vans is a common problem.

    I nearly fell into the same trap last year, we went to the show at the NEC
    ordered a new Chausson Welcome 7.4 . It did not come with an Awning
    Spare wheel, 2nd leisure battery or tow bar notwithstanding the bike rack and Solar Panel we required. After a few sleepless night I then found that you could only load 150kg behind the rear axle! No wonder the manufacturers were not forthcoming with the axle weights in M I R O.
    Equation equals no payload!!

    Cancelled the order, without issues and bought a low mileage tag axle
    model at 5000 kg gross. loads of room and payload! Happy days.:thumb:
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  2. scottie58


    Jul 20, 2009
    I recently had our Carthago i47 weighed with all our gear on, full tanks , scooter in garage, bicycles etc - the whole shooting match (even had bottles of wine & beer!:Smile:)

    Rear axle was 50kg under max allowed, van was also just 50kg under max of 4200!! All the new i47s are rated at 4500 on the same chassis and tyres. So phonecall to SVtech confirmed that we could uprate easily to 4500. Gives us another 100kg on rear axle without having to change tyres to higher load index.

    Carthago say garage can take 250kg max - must put rear axle right on load allowed?

    Uprating will give us peace of mind and avoid any nasty surprises if we are asked to visit a weighbridge by VOSA or the police when abroad.
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  3. TheBig1

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    Nov 27, 2011
    not all vosa stops are near weigh bridges as they can use a portable platform scale that fits in the boot of a car. all they need is a large layby or commonly a motorway service area carpark

    motorhomes and horseboxes were regular targets last summer for vosa checks. it therefore pays to make sure you are running at a legal weight
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