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    Dec 12, 2010
    For a while now, our Dual Top has been chuffing out thick white smoke and occasionally failing to start with an accompanying '2-flash' error code.
    After a bit of internet surfing, I found plenty of references to similar problems on some boating forums. It not only affects Webasto burners, but also Eberspacher ones.
    Anyway, the reason for the poor combustion is a build up of carbon deposits fouling the glow plug and burner assembly. This is usually blamed on the use of red diesel by the manufacturers!
    This would not be covered by warranty, so I searched further for easy fixes.
    The quick fix for this problem is to make up about 1 litre of Kerosene (home heating oil) and Redex diesel additive. I mixed these at 50/50 for fast results!

    All you do then is run a length of rubber fuel hose to the dosing pump (after disconnecting the original fuel pipe!) from your container of Redex/Kero and run your Dual Top until it runs out! I see no reason why you couldn't use normal diesel instead of kero, we have it at home and it runs cleaner, so we used it.

    You will notice, after a while, small bits of carbon all over the floor under your Dual Top exhaust. This is the fouling being errrr, de-fouled from your burner!

    Ours now works fine, no smoke, no errors.::bigsmile:

    Please note, I have no bloody idea whether Webasto approve of this practice and I frankly don't care, but it worked for me!:Smile:

    PS Before you jump to conclusions and think we run our MH on red, we don't! I reckon its Supermarket diesel to blame!:Sad:

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