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    Jan 26, 2008
    Hi Folks.

    I'm with Talk - Talk for my tinternet. Talk - Talk is essentially AOL but the hardware for web connection is supplied through TalK - Talk.

    They supply a router as opposed to a modem, (they very well may be the same thing in a different package).

    The router has a series of green lights on it and when first switched on they go through a sequence of flashing on and off. Then the lights stabilise and stay solid.

    The ADSL light must be a solid light before it is possible to connect to the universe.

    The ADSL light on my router works fine for months and then decides to flash. After a while, (days) it decides to right itself and we can once again connect ok.

    My ADSL light is currentley flashing and so I cant connect on that computer. I have checked everything I can think of to no avail.

    Does anybody have any ideas please before I ring Africa or Asia to talk to somebody I cant understand and who cant understand me. :Doh: :shout:



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