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    Thanks to everyone that has emailed us and called to check that we're all OK:thumb: The rain for the last week has been incredible, and after living here for 17 years we have never seen anything like it!

    Unlike some, in the West Country and we mustn't forget that lives have ben lost:Sad: Van Bitz and Cornish Farm Touring Park have escaped relatively unscathed.

    This weekend was the worst of the weather, and as luck would have it Lyn and I were away in out motorhome visiting chums in Wales for a rugby weekend.

    However back at base this morning to view what happened in our absence our main workshop, the pit was flooded to a depth of about 12" (30cm)

    This was just from the volume of water coursing down from the campsite and re-diverting itself forcing water under the door and dropping into the pit, leaving us to pump it out this morning.

    Other than that some raking of gravel where the water flow has landscaped the car park and parts of our motorhome park as the water coursed from the campsite, down towards the Van Bitz offices and workshops. The power of the water to move so much gravel so easily is awesome, appreciated even more when you start shovelling and raking it all back ( well organising some one to:winky:)

    Our campsite has many of the grass pitches waterlogged/underwater but that isn't a major problem as the wardens Bob and Mary tend only to allocate gravelled pitches this time of year. All of those are well drained so not causing anyone any problems.

    So all systems operating normally, just a bit wetter!

    Just a personal note, we can all get bogged down in day to day life and overlook the people that are there to help us. I would like to say a big thank you to all and any of the people that have been on call over the last week, beit from the Local Authority sucking out drains and ditches in appalling weather, to the Firemen and women, Police, Ambulance staff, well anyone that heads out to look after us, when we all want to head in to get out of atrocious, appalling, dangerous, extreme weather. Thank you:thumb:


    If any thing changes we will let our customers know and try to re-arrange their bookings
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    Best of luck Eddie,

    My mum's down the road in Watchet, she tells me many many people are flooded out, awful stuff. :Sad:

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