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  1. autocaravana adventure

    autocaravana adventure

    Dec 6, 2008
    A good day to all:coolthumb: AdventurPortugal, will organize in 2009 for those who are interested in knowing a trip organized by Portugal Adventurportugal in our country to enable all stakeholders to a wider knowledge :welcome:, culture and leisure, that Portugal have to offer to visit us and so all stakeholders count on our experience as travelers portuguses, the AdventurPortugal invites you to be part of the Community of Global travelers,:beer: travel is our passion, his Global Group of package tours and leisure is here, we invite you to be a member of international travelers Global Group, after the inscription create your profile member traveling with a small Biography of you and your Motor Caravan, if you have web site or blog suggest that the post in its address, create a profile so that the future members can visit, is allowed to all members create their own pages illustrated with photos taken and also publishes travel trips that would like to achieve, the Group for its entry of State is for all members a matter of pride and support.

    look at::Blush: http://groups.google.pt/group/adventurportugal?lnk=srg&hl=pt-PT,

    hoping to become a very :coolthumb: good New Year, and have a Great Year for 2009, our compliments:thanks2:​

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