We Need Help With Quad Insurance

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by sue & dave, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Jul 23, 2011
    somewhere out there !!!
    :Doh:[​IMG] Help please with Quad Insurance
    Good Morning one & all from a VERY WINDY :Eeek: (but warm) Sidi Ifni.
    We STILL haven't managed to get insurance for the quad :cry:, as some of you know we couldn't get any in the UK :Sad:. The insurance at Tangier Med said they did not insure Quads, and advised us to go to an insurance broker in a town or city. We went to the insurance here in Sidi Ifni, everything was going fine :thumb: yes no problem he said 1417 DH for 6 months (that's the minimum they do) not bad we thought, he then rang another office and they said we needed to register the Quad at the "Centre D'Immatriculation Des Voitures" in Tiznit:whatthe:. As no one has ever mentioned having this before,(having to "register"the vehicle before you can get insurance), we don't want to trail there & back 140km if it's not needed, can anyone please help?:Confused:

    Thanks Dave :Cool: & Sue :Tongue1:

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