We made it - we're now in France

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Marrwyck, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Marrwyck


    Jan 29, 2008
    Hi everyone.
    Well we have now made it to France and the weather is, wait for it, wait ,wait,
    you guessed - absolutely hissing it down :Smile:
    We didn't want to bring the British weather with us, but looks like we did :Sad:

    Anyway we crossed the channel yesterday on the 16.25 delayed until 17.30 crossing to Calais by Sea France. Arrived safe & sound in Calais, sun shining bright & light until about 10:30 pm.

    We found a nice aire at Auresselles (Sat Nav Co-ordinates N50-49.184 E001-35.820) and on arrival was told that the free motorhome parking site had gone. But for 6 euros we could park in camp.
    Nice & peaceful, good showering facilities, good service point & the park is right across road from beach.

    At the moment we are sat outside McDonalds at Boulogne-S-Mar using their free wi-fi, bless them.

    Well we'll soon be moving on & parking up at a France Passion site.

    Keep you updated as we go ::bigsmile:
  2. Brisey

    Brisey Funster Life Member

    Sep 4, 2007
    Sutton on Sea
    Hi Marrwyck

    Glad to hear that all is ging well and that you are on your way.:thumb:
    Will look forward to your future postings.
    Safe travelling

    PS the weather here is crap torrential rain all morning.:cry:

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