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    Apr 26, 2010
    Our first trip abroad in Motorhome went smoothly. After spending a week in Weymouth at a sailing event Emily was competing in it was time to hit the road again. It took us 6 hours to get to Highwaymans, with a stop for lunch, to drop off Emilys boats that were to stay at Nigels for the duration of our trip to France. Another reminder why I joined the Fun, people are so friendly, helpful.

    Arrived in Dover for our overnight stay !! Had a drive round as we havent done this before to see where other Motorhomers had parked, only 6pm and very quiet!! Then we spotted it, a lonely Hymer in the Dover Harbour car park on Union Street which is at the Prince of Wales roundabout. The owner said they always stay there without any bother so we parked in front of him. Before you knew it another two turned up. A caravanner pulled in and took up a double parking space and the Harbour Authority man came out from his office to tell them to leave ::bigsmile: Well the driver didnt like that so she put her foot down, turned the wheel and got well and truly stuck. I should of videoed it just so you could see what a mess she got herself into, yes notice I said "she". She'd got the van sooooo close to the back of a BMW that the Harbour Master thought she'd hit it. There was no going back or forward :Eeek: . I was shouting to tell them what to do, which they eventually did and away they went :Doh:

    Our ferry cost us £54 return for the 3 of us and the motorhome. A phone call from the Caravan club after the booking was made was to say the Executive lounge was full. So!! Apparantly our booking included the Exec lounge so they sent us £30 in meal vouchers which we spent on breakfast.

    On arrival at Dunkirk we headed out of the port and couldnt believe how easy it was, not even our passports were asked for. The roads were quiet as it was Sunday and found driving on the other side a doddle. Arrived at our caravan site in Guines where we were to stay for 6 days. We had a couple days out to the coast and thourougly enjoyed it. Only small places but peaceful and clean, everywhere seemed to be. The only mishap was when Graham drove out into the road, after we had been to a maze, and into the left hand side of the road. I thought he was pulling out to swing back in but he didnt and only when I screamed coz there was a car coming did he realise what he had done. Its the first time in 15 years of wedded bliss he has asked me to nag him, which I happily obliged. KEEP RIGHT, LOOK LEFT ::bigsmile: Soon we were to head back home and stopped off at Cite Europe and we know next time to go there and do the shopping instead of at the other side of the water. Went to Highwaymans to pick up the boats, had a welcome coffee and natter then hit the road again and back home to Norwich, arriving at 1.30am and spent the last night of our holiday in the motorhome on our drive :thumb:
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    Fantastic, I am so glad you had a great time and all went smoothly :thumb:. You will find yourselves on countdown now to the next time!

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    Nice one, that is what it is all about, well done:thumb:


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