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Water ingress problems


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Jan 19, 2014
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I have a 2007 Autocruise Jolliet ( very similar to the Starfire). During a habitation service last year, damp was discovered coming from underneath the van on one side. This was allegedly fixed under the Lowdhams warranty. However this year the same thing happened again but in new places. Again we are covered under the last year of the warranty but nevertheless we are not very happy.

We are not sure whether this is a design fault or just poor workmanship on our particular van. We are also not convinced that last year's remedial work was well done. The engineer who came from the warranty company was very scathing about coach built vans in general and Autocruise in particular.

Has anyone else had similar problems with Autocruise vans or coach built vans generally? Now that the warranty has expired we don't feel happy keeping this van although in every other respect it is great. We are thinking of buying a van conversion rather than a coach built. Are we right to be so concerned or have we just been unlucky?


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Oct 11, 2010
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We had two ingress of water problems due to a known design fault in the roof (CI coachbuilt, not Autocruise). The first attempt to fix it was a rather rushed factory recall and the second attempt not much later was completed under extended warranty. The problem came back a few years later and we ended up paying a mobile engineer £100 to sort it and so far it's stayed dry. To my mind, £100 over ten years isn't a bad outlay for damp repairs.

I'm surprised that ingress of water from below can't be sorted by a comprehensive underseal job. When we bought our van I was advised to put Waxoyl on any visible bases of wooden side panels around the chassis so I did. To date there's been no problems from below.


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Jul 25, 2007
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water ingress from underneath is or was a common problem on Swifts.. you are right to be both concerned and unhappy.. I'd get shot of it

I like your thinking.. also mine, van conversion for us soon

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