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Feb 13, 2018
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first posting so this may be already known problem but just in case, Having had to strip out the roof area of my 1997 contiki to replace water damaged lining,I found to my surprise that where the roof tiedown bars enter the side mouldings on the sides of the roof,that they actually pass through the inside of the vehicle and that the area inside the van where they enter is sealed from the inside with mastic .obviously pumped up into the cavity from new. After time this dries out and no longer seals the roof so letting water in.
Strange to see such a daft design they could have easily made the outer moulding sealed from the inside when constructed.
The only way to get at the area, is to remove the inner skin above the drinks cabinet to expose the underside of the roof on the nearside or the same in the toilet on the offiside.
Any owner with a similar set up should consider having a look at this area. I've repaired and replaced one side. and resealed the area with non setting mastic And have plastered all the other bar entry points on the outside where the bars enter the side mouldings with sikoflex,.
There is a possibility,that each of these bar attachment points, 6 in all have the same issue,which would mean an extensive strip out and re fit.
It would be worth sticking mastic round the bar entry points from the outside,allthough not very cosmetic,just incase the inner sealing has failed.
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Jul 18, 2015
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