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  1. mrsrogers


    Feb 5, 2013
    south wales
    We are hoping to buy our first (and last) motorhome on Wednesday 6th Feb, we are pensioners from South Wales, we've looked at loads of motorhomes during the past few months and traveled far and wide to see them, not all of them were as advertised, nevertheless we still believe our "Mimsey" is out there. The van we are going to hopefully purchase on Wednesday is a 1999 Ford Herald Squire, the photos and write up sound exactly what we want except the owner told us the water heater has been removed because it was leaking, how worried should we be?, the drive alone is going to cost us nearly £100 just to view the van, is it worth going?.
    Your expertise will be very welcome and may save us our life savings, the price we agreed to pay the private seller is £10,500, she has assured us the damage has been repaired but we are concerned about the cost of replacing the water heater.
    Look forward to your reply
  2. Jaws

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Our old hobby had a gas only water heater.. I wanted to change it for a gas and mains one..
    Bought a 2nd hand Truma complete off of the dread eBay for £80, and swapped them out in a morning
    Sold the Gas only one back on eBay for £50.00

    Should give you an idea of potential costs :thumb:

    if yer man is a bit handy it is def a job most 'tool aware' folk can do themselves fairly easily :thumb:

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